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The Book of Life

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I just found this old blog draft from two years ago. It all still applies

For the last few years I have been trying my best to read the book of life. Read nature, read the clouds, read the coming and going of everything around me. I am trying to make myself as open to life as possible. For I believe that the the whole world is a teacher. That If you look carefully you can read the book of life. I also believe that everything can teach me something. And by everything I mean absolutely everything. I try to let no possibility for learning escape me.

I have an obsession with clouds. They are some of my favourite pages in this book of life. They are such perfect examples of the axiom As Above, So Below.
One way of thinking of them are as an analogy to look at our minds. Our thoughts are like clouds. They are ever changing, stormy one day calm the next. Sometimes in boring greyscale, sometimes in the magnificent colours of a beautiful sunset. If we are lucky a rainbow of inspiration shines through.

Like clouds thoughts are always coming in and out of form. Seemingly out of nowhere.
But like the clouds always have the beautiful clear sky hidden behind them so does the mind always have the still witness hidden behind our thoughts.

I use this as a reminder to stay mindful. To still my thoughts and look for the still witness within. For in that witness, there is endless love. This witness is our Spirit that has endless love for us. It does not judge us but waits for our human follies to recede and our hearts to open.

This is also why I mediate. To find that witness.

The way in is the way out.
Jara Gian Tara

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