The Flu – A Strange Experiment

I was working on a Northern Lights tour last friday evening. It’s a part time job I have, taking people out of town looking for the northern lights. Not too bad for a part time job. So far we usually see them. Sometimes it´s a great show, sometimes not, but most nights we at least see some lights.

Anyway, so I was working and as I was outside in the cold helping the people to look in the right direction (north, not south) I realised that I was getting sick. I had heard all about how bad the flu is this season. So bad that even young healthy people are dying from it.

My throat which had been a bit sore earlier in the evening was getting more sore and I started to feel very cold (staying out in the sub zero temperatures was probably not helping) and all the typical body aches of a flu began settling in.

At first it was not too bad and so I tried my best to ignore it, hoping it would pass me by if I just ignored it hard enough. But as the night passed I was steadily feeling worse. On the way back home (with a bus full of super happy people) a started to feel very bad. My throat got extremely sore, to the point that speaking was very painful. It was a hard situation because I still had not finished my work. At the end of the tour we take the people back to their hotels and it is my job to tell them when we are at their hotels. Quite a bit of talking.

The magic of No Resistance

Having unsuccessfully tried ignoring the flu I decided to try a different approach. I decided to let down all my resistance to getting sick. I decided to trust that I would only get sick if it was in my best interest to become sick. To basically trust that whatever comes my way is good. So I went into a mindful state. I took long breaths to relax and sent gratitude to my body, for all the work it in constantly doing to keep me healthy. I gave an internal prayer and told it that I would prefer not to get sick but then let go of the result.

In the evening when I came home I made myself a superpower cup of tea. With fresh ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, honey and a Three Ginger Pukka tea that I have.

I forced myself to meditate even though it was 2.30 in the morning and I absolutely did not feel like doing it. I have been doing the same meditation every evening since August 2017 and sticking to it for 120 days was the turning point that has made meditation a permanent daily practice. After the meditation I told god that I would prefer staying healthy but that I would trust in whatever came my way. And I meant it.

The result

The next morning I slept in. Normally I don´t like sleeping in but when I am sick I try to sleep as much as possible. When I woke up at 2 pm, to my surprise, my throat was completely fine. I had a tiny fever but no body aches. Now, sunday, less than two days later I am perfectly fine. I don´t know what part of what I did was most helpful but this will be my new practice. I will stop offering up resistance to the flu, drink my superpower tea and keep mediating.

Hope that you all keep safe during this bad flu season we are having.

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