Kundalini Yoga

  • Self-love – Love yourself now!

    Hey! Over the next days I am going to be sharing some of the benefits of my inner journey over the last few years.I’m going to start with the most important change in my life:I love myself. Unapologetically and completely.
    I don’t think I’m perfect, far from it, but that is not required. I just am, doing the best I can, and that is enough.
    The strange thing about true self-love is that it makes you more egoless than ego centric. When you’ve got your obsession with yourself out of the way it becomes so much easier to serve. A lot of ego centric behaviour actually comes from a place of low self…
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  • The Benefits of Meditation – Just do it!

    A lot of people have the idea that Meditation is difficult or time consuming. Or that it’s not worth doing unless you do at least 20 minutes twice a day. Or that you must sit cross-eyed and cross-legged in a lotus posture, ideally with a turban. Not true.
    I for one can promise you that you do not need to do a lot for a lot to change.
    Meditation is a bit like magic. It lowers your stress levels and makes your heart healthier. It makes you happier. It makes you feel more connected to others and the world. It improves your focus and your creativity. It improves your immune system and it…
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  • The Power of Mantras

    Mantras are magical. They are like keys that open up different aspects of the Universe. The deeper you go the more impressive they get. Applying Mantras in a very precise manner through meditation is like having access to the source code of the Matrix. Sounds like fun?
    What makes mantras so powerful? Think of the Big Bang. It is not a coincidence that it is called theBig Bang, not the Big Silence. The entire Universe is built on sound. Sound is vibration and everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. Vibration can be translated into frequency and sound is frequency so essentially everything is sound. Nice!
    We normally think…
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