Mantras are magical. They are like keys that open up different aspects of the Universe. The deeper you go the more impressive they get. Applying Mantras in a very precise manner through meditation is like having access to the source code of the Matrix. Sounds like fun?

What makes mantras so powerful? Think of the Big Bang. It is not a coincidence that it is called theBig Bang, not the Big Silence. The entire Universe is built on sound. Sound is vibration and everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. Vibration can be translated into frequency and sound is frequency so essentially everything is sound. Nice!

We normally think of our bodies as being very solid but even every cell and every atom of our bodies is in constant state of vibration so our body can be thought of as our own unique symphony. When we chant or listen to mantras we then affect the vibration of our body and our energy field. It changes our symphony into a more divine music. We use mantras to tune into the universal energy field. To merge with infinity and go beyond the constraints of time and space.

How do Mantras Work?

Mantras work through resonance. It is resonance that for example makes an opera singer capable of breaking a crystal glass. It breaks when the the voice of the singer hits the natal frequency of the crystal glass. When we chant a particular sound our whole body and energy field resonate with that frequency. Different states of being have different frequency so we can use mantras to bring ourselves to the state of being that we want to stay at.

The word Mantra is made from the words Man that means Mind and Trang that means Wave or Projection. So the word Mantra stands for using the mind as a projector or as a transportation device. This is exactly what Mantras do.

What all mantras have in common is they melt away negativity. Where we have mantras negativity can not exist. Then we can use specific mantras to get specific effects. It is the use of sound to affect consciousness. Different mantras will bring us different results. Within Kundalini Yoga we have an incredible resource of mantras that have been tested through the ages.

My Personal Experience with Mantras

One of the things that drew me to Kundalini Yoga was the mantras. I am a musician and I loved to sit in a yoga class and get to sing on top of the physical excercises.

I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for many years and I have tested many of the mantras. Some drive away nightmares, others draw opportunities to you. Some fill you up with so much positivity that nothing can really get you down. I even have close friends that have experience of using mantras to drive away some very heavy intrusions from the spirit world.

These days I keep mantras going non stop in my home, especially when I sleep. I never have a bad night of sleep since I started playing mantras when I sleep unless when I forget to put them on before I fall asleep. Here is a link to my favourite mantra artists, the magnificent Grammy winning band White Sun.

The Magical Power of Sound

Sound is super powerful. Modern science is on the brink of many new discoveries of how sound works and what sound is capable of doing. For example there are a few different groups of scientists that are researching ways to kill cancer cells using only sound directed at those cells. They are getting very promising results.

Their research mainly involves finding the specific rate of vibration that kills the cancer cells. Vibrational rates are what we recognise as different pitch on the range of what the human ear can hear. There is of course a very broad range of sounds/vibrations that are outside of the range we, with our human ears, perceive as sounds.

What those scientists are looking for is really what the mantra technology is about. They are looking for the specific sounds and specific rhythms that will kill those cancer cells.

How to Chant Mantras

When we chant mantras we give them our full focus for the mantras to penetrate our mind. Then we focus on vibrating the mantras in our bodies rather than focusing on singing in a beautiful voice. It’s really all about the vibration. To get more specific we aim to let it vibrate in the center of the spine, in the Sushmuna, the central energy channel within the spine. This is because what we are aiming for is resonance. We want our whole body to resonate with the mantra.

Then we need to repeat. To Jappa. We repeat to build new patterns within our brains and like with everything else the more we do it the more it sticks. The main magic numbers of Mantra repetition are 11, 26, and 108. You can also chant for 3, 7, 11, 22, 31 or 62 minutes depending on how much time you want to give to mantra recitations.

Chanting mantras all day works too and the Masters have the mantras so ingrained within them that the Mantra is repeating in their mind non-stop. It has become a part of their being.

Here you find a list of the most common mantras that are used in Kundalini Yoga.

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