My name is Jara but you can also call me Gian Tara. You can actually call me whatever you want to but I definitely answer to those two. Call me Tomato and I will probably not know you are talking to me.

I have been studying astrology and numerology, mysticism and philosophy, both western and eastern, for the last 20 years. I have been meditating and doing yoga for even longer but only just managed to make it a solid daily practice in 2017. I was always reading, Doing, not so much.

I am a musician and an artist and this is my music/art site. I am a mother of two boys, 16 and 7 years old and i consider them my gurus. I have a fantastic boyfriend that is also my guru, but don´t tell him that.

My secret goal in life has always been enlightenment, the great awakening. To experience God. To understand life, the universe and everything.


Let´s just say that´s a work in progress…

Anyways, this site is a mirror. I believe in the importance of having living mirrors to reflect our own human experiences in.

We are all dealing with the same things, the same traumas and dramas and the same challenges. The same dilemmas: Should I have coffee or tea today? I wore these trousers yesterday, should I wear them again today? And you know, the other question, the big one. The one that has the answer 42. (Google Douglas Adams if you are lost. You won´t regret it. It´s never a bad idea to google Douglas Adams.)

I believe sharing makes us stronger. (Have you googled him yet? 😉 )

I truly want to do my best, no matter how imperfect my best may turn out to be, to help make us a stronger better people. Share all my knowledge, my thought process of pondering those questions and my progress along the way. I believe in big goals. Big dreams are the best. (Think Martin Luther King.)

If you are reading this, know you are loved, at least by me.

I have made it my business to take every single human being into my heart and am in a process of growing my heart to better fit all of you in there. I am working on an infinitely big heart.

Excuse me where I fail. I am doing my best, it´s all I can do.

With so much love and thank you for all the fish!

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