If you only do one thing for yourself today, make it loving yourself. Love yourself completely, even if just for one minute. For one minute focus only on self love. Suspend all judgements, put your all your flaws aside, don´t think about all the things you should be doing or should have done better in the past. Don´t think about anything at all, only feel. Only feel love. Even if you succeed doing this for only 10 seconds you have done something great.

If your having a hard time try looking for a memory. A time where you loved something with all your heart. It can be anything, a pet, a child, even chocolate,  just look for a feeling of love. When you have found that memory try imagining that you are experiencing that love right now. Go as deep into the memory as you can. Feel the love as completely as you can. As it is happening now. Then after you have found this feeling of love towards something else now try directing that same feeling towards yourself. Don´t try to look for a reason to love yourself, that is not necessary. You don´t need the mind for this, just go for the feeling. Self LOVE is the key ingredient.

The Bliss Pool

Now try to hold onto that feeling for as long as you can.  Send a smile towards your heart. Maybe you feel just a little bit softer inside. If you are having a hard time holding onto the feeling you can imagine that you are being dipped into a big warm pool. Only this pool is made only out of love. It´s the Bliss Pool. Imagine that as the water surrounds you, every part of your being is enveloped in pure divine love. Pure divine bliss.

Now is the only time there is

Now do this as often as you can. It is an incredibly powerful exercise. Because on a fundamental level there is only the NOW. So if you love yourself in the NOW you are essentially loving yourself at every point in time. Throughout your past and into your future. Because of this every time you love yourself you are healing yourself.

You are healing the past by loving yourself now.

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