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Full Moon Ceremony

You can try to deny it as much as you want but the fact remains, the moon has a strange pull on us. There is something unsettling about a full moon. A strange power. It pulls on us like it pulls on the sea. Plays our notes like a gifted musician. It might also scare us a little bit, we might have heard that people tend to get crazy around the full moon. And that’s of course when the werewolves go out to play. The best way to deal with this powerful force is to face it head on – with a Full Moon Ceremony.

The Journey to the Underworld

Since the moon is so powerful it is a fantastic tool to use the moon cycles on your journey of self growth. As beautiful as the bright full moon is it is also the beginning of the moons’s decent into darkness. The journey into the underworld. We can use this monthly underworld journey to help us to get rid of the things in our life that are not working.

Full Moon – Good Riddance Time!

Is there anything in your life that you would prefer to see the back of? Some people that only take and give nothing in return? Recurrent patterns of behaviour or thoughts that you would love to get out of your life for good?

The full moon is the perfect time to set an intention to say goodbye to people, situations or thought patterns. You can imagine that you put whatever it is that you want to get rid of into the light of the full moon and then everyday as the moon gets smaller your troubles are disappearing with the light of the sun.

Full Moon Ceremony

Here is a simple but powerful ceremony that you can do by yourself or with some friends.


A notebook or a piece of paper to write on. Simple will do. It does not have to be fancy unless you want to, you will not keep the paper.

Some pens to write with. A black one will do, but if you prefer lot’s of colour then get as many colours as you like.

A candle. White is best, white like the moon.

Incense, unless you are allergic, then a scented spray.

You will write a list of things you want to get rid of so decide how you want to get rid of the list. If you want to burn your list, arrange a safe way to do so. Outdoors in something like a fire pit would be great. The important thing is to be safe. You could always just put the list in the garbage and take it out right away. Your intention is the main thing.

A comfortable place to sit down on, on the floor with some pillows. Or if you are lucky enough to be able to be outdoors then that would be awesome.

Find some music that you would like to listen to in a moon ceremony.

If you have some crystals, the moon loves clear quartz and amethyst.

If you want to go all in you could dress in white, like the moon, and have some round moon shaped food to eat.

The Full Moon Ceremony:

Gather all you materials together and put the music on ( you can also skip the music).

Light the candle.

Create ceremonial space by setting the intention to do so. Use your mind and the incense to set the space and and invite your secret team of guardian angels

Write down everything you want to get rid of. Be specific. Be gentle on yourself. Take your time to do it. Do it playfully and respectfully. Don’t use it as a chance to beat yourself up about the things that are not working. Acknowledge that they’re there and resolve to let them go.

When the list is done do your farewell. Say thank you to whatever it is that you want to get rid of for having been in your life. You could say: Thank you for having been in my life, I guess I thought it was a good idea at the time to bring you in. However I know know that it is time to let you go. I let you go in peace and bid you farewell.

Get rid of the list. Burn it or put it in the garbage and take it out. The way you do it not so important. The main thing is to get rid of the list. To take it out of your space with the intention of letting go of the things on the list.

Close the Ceremony by putting out the candle and thanking your super team of secret supporters.

That’s it. Resolve to enjoy being the wonderful human being that you are. Faults and all. Know that you are an infinitely beautiful divine being.

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