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Independent Women! The Super Blue Moon Blood Eclipse in Leo

full moon eclipse

We have a very powerful full moon coming up next Wednesday January 31st. It is a Blue Moon, a super moon, the last in a series of 3 super moons, and a Blood lunar eclipse. Whoa!

It is also the beginning of a new eclipse season that will include this lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse on the 15th of February. These two eclipses are on the Leo Aquarius axis, just like the August 2017 eclipses. The Leo Aquarius axis is all about freedom and power. Which are of course also the main theme of the #metoo revolution.

While the August 2017 solar eclipse was all about kicking us into action this lunar eclipse next week is all about showing us what we need to let go of. We need to tie up loose ends. What has been happening in your life since last eclipse season? What have you learned during the last 5 months? What is serving you? What needs to go?

On a big scale I say what needs to go is misuse of power (think patriarchy) and what needs to stay is freedom of expression.

Lunar Eclipse = Extra Intense Full Moon

Lunar eclipses are like a more intense full moon. Full moons can be intense even without an eclipse taking place so it is extra important to take good care of yourself during the next week. Go into your heart space and try your best to be gentle. Both towards yourself and the people around you.

As this is a full moon so it is the perfect time to lay to rest the things that have been brought to the surface during the last 6 moths and are not working for you. Take time during the weekend to go within and see if there is something that you know you should let go. If we don’t let go by ourselves life has a way of doing it for us…

Ecspect Emotions

A full moon is often an emotional time because during a full moon the sun and the moon are opposite each other. Astrologically speaking, they are in conflict. The sun represents the ego and the moon the emotions. So during the full moon we have conflict between the ego, the way we see ourselves, and our emotions. This conflict is why we tend to see more aggression on a full moon than during the rest of the moon cycle. The New moon can also be an emotional time for people but we tend to turn our aggression outwards on a full moon and inwards during the new moon. So the aggression of a new moon is less visible for it is internal rather than external. It might show up as low self esteem or beating yourself up about something you did or did not do.

Why is all this happening at once?

So this is a Blue Moon and a Super Moon and a Blood Moon Eclipse. It sounds a bit much but the thing is this can only happen at the same time. A Blue Moon simply means that it is the second full moon within a calendar month and a lunar eclipse can only happen during the full moon. Super moons happen a few times a year. It means that the moon is extra close to earth.

Leo Lunar Eclipse – Independent Women

The Eclipse is happening at 11°37 Leo. Leo loves attention. It is a royal sign that expects to be adored and will not accept anything less than royal devotion. The Moon rules emotions, women and motherhood. The moon is conjunct Ceres which rules independent women and single motherhood.



Women Power

Jamie Partridge over at has an interesting insight into the eclipse. He says that it will bring in very powerful feminine energy. That we will be seeing an even stronger focus on women’s rights. That we can expect a continuation of the rise of the cleaning that has been happening through the momentum of the #metoo movement. But the focus might turn towards the right of independent mothers. Of parental work leave and equal pay. When it comes to salaries our system still functions as if men are the sole heads of the family. The reality is that a lot of women are independent mothers that are the sole providers for their families and they still struggle with not being payed as much as the men doing the same job as they are.  You can read Jamie’s article here.

Eclipses on a Personal Level

This eclipse takes place at 11°37 Leo. That means that this eclipse will have the biggest effect on people born under the influence of Leo.

Eclipses can be very influential at a personal level. They can make you do crazy things. Especially solar eclipses. I once saw a friend jump into a marriage with a completely incompatible friend of hers, two weeks after dating, only to divorce one and a half year later. Both she and her ex husband were heavily affected by this eclipse, it was is close conjunction with more than one planet in both of their natal charts.

Lunar eclipses are usually not as crazy as the solar eclipses. They are more about highlighting what is already there. Showing you what you should let go of.

But eclipses do not have to be disastrous. Even the crazy solar eclipses that land like an explosion in the middle of your life. My friend now has a wonderful child that she loves more than everything in the world. Eclipses trigger you into action. They can force you to make the necessary changes in your life.

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