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Initiation into the Sacred

Full Moon in Scorpio 7th of May 2020 at 17°19 Scorpio 10.45 GMT

Full moon in Scorpio is one of the most sacred days of the year. On a day like this the best thing we can do is to quiet the mind so the soul and the spirit can speak to us. 

This full moon is called the Vesak moon and is the day when the birth of the Buddha and his enlightenment is celebrated. Every year this day falls on a different day but the celebrations are generally held on the full moon in Taurus wich is most often in May.

The Vesak moon is also the day when the masters of the inner planes meet together in the Vesak Valley in Tibet for a grand initiation ceremony of the Great White Brotherhood. Just to be clear, white has nothing to do with the colour of skin. This all takes place on the inner planes and has nothing to do with any religion or particular way of spiritual practice. We may think that the ways to enlightenment are many but that is only on the surface. In reality there is only the way of the light and the way of the dark. And the way of the dark has a limit to where you can go but the way of the light is limitless.

The Meaning of a Full Moon

Full moon in general means a culmination this can be the start of something new but often involves a coming to an end. It is a time to let go of things that no longer serve you. The full moon stands for transformation. It is like shedding of the skin so you may grow into a bigger being. To be embody more of your true self. 

Add this to Scorpio, the astrological sign of the underworld, the sign of death and resurrection. Scorpio is the sign that fearlessly heads straight into the darkness to face the dragon of the subconscious self to resurface victorious with a newfound knowledge of humanity and the deeper layers of the self.

A full moon always means that the moon is in opposition with the sun so this is where the tension of the full moon comes from. The sense of self (Sun) is in conflict with how we show up emotionally in the world (Moon). 

The Moon is a Magnifier

The moon is also a magnifier. It magnifies whatever it touches, be it positive or negative. The moon itself is neutral, like all the planets and the luminaries. What causes the regular outburst of violence during a full moon is simply the moon magnifying what is already there. In a similar way that we have seen the quarantine magnify household situations that people have been able to keep a blind eye to. In both cases what is already there is simply being magnified.

The full moon effect generally lasts for five to six days. It takes two to three days of building up to its full power and then there is a fade out of two to three days. Some people are more sensitive and start to feel it sooner and some people don’t really feel much affect of the moon. 

Scorpio Moon / Taurus Sun

The Moon in Scorpio intensifies the feelings in a big way. Scorpio is an all or nothing sign. Scorpios are not lukewarm, they’re either ice cold or as hot as it gets. Sex and death are the main fascination. Moon in scorpio natives (people with moon in scorpio in their natal chart) are intense people with passionate feelings. However, scorpio is not very verbal but prefers to keep its feelings hidden.

Taurus is the sign of worldly pleasures and manifesting in the world. It’s the first Earth sign. It is a sign of building. The fall of taurus is intense stubbornness that can evolve into intensity. When you add those two opposites together the result can be outburst of anger and frustration. The way to resolve or prevent that frustration in through being active and creative. Move the body through dance. Have a virtual dance party with your friends. Create something new, anything! 

Moon trine Neptune

The full moon is in a harmonious connection to Neptune, the planet of the mystical waters. Neptune in a chart is where you find divinity manifested. Neptune is also the planet of the mystic, the poet and the healers of the world. This includes the artists that are healing the world through their art. Finding the mystical potentiality in life is one of the functions of Neptune.

The harmonies connection between the moon and Neptune makes this an ideal day to connect with the divine through your deepest loving emotions. It is also a great day to make art. If you don’t see yourself as an artist, try seeing your life as your work of art and then make it the kind of art you love. 

Moon opposite Sun + Mercury / Mercury sextile Neptune

The Sun and Mercury are conjunct today with makes this a day for brilliant ideas. Mercury is the mind, science and the connection to our genius. Moon opposite this could cause some confusion. However the sextile between Mercury and Neptune brings in a very healing energy that brings down the confusion. Mercury sextile Neptune is a very spiritual energy. It opens the mind up to seeing a bigger part of the whole and connecting to the divine.

Self-Initiation into the Sacred

The Age of Aquarius is the age of self Initiation. Use this portal to initiate your self into the Mysteries. The whole Universe wants you to. The whole world needs you to. We need you more than ever, strong in your own light.

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