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Speak your Dream into Existence – New Moon in Gemini – May 22 2020

Here we go, the gemini new moon. The most social and talkative of them all. This new moon screams at us – It’s time to start seeing people again! There is a very deep longing for connections in this new moon. Unfortunately we might have to wait for this a little bit longer, depending on where in the world we are.

A New Moon is a Fresh Start

It is the dark womb where all things begin. 

A time to plant a seed, for most seeds need darkness to start growing. It is the perfect time to set intentions for the month to come.

This new moon holds extra potent energy for intention setting. Make sure to set aside some time on the new moon or in the next couple of days after it to write down and then speak your intentions out into the Universe.

Use your Voice to Create your Reality

Your words are very powerful. You can use your words wisely and draw to yourself the experiences you want to have. You can speak your dream into form.

Gemini is the sign of communication, talking and socialising. They are always gathering data, and there is always more data to collect. Gemini wants to understand how everything works, and get to that knowing by talking about it. It’s the proverbial extrovert, always on the move, mentally and physically. Staying confined during extrovert season is a lot to ask of us.

Listen to the Whispers of the Soul

On a deeper level gemini is about your connection to your own soul. About learning to quiet the mind to hear the whispers of the soul. This aspect of gemini is probably going to be more prominent in this coming month. 

The reason for this is that there are a lot of retrogrades happening. Venus, Saturn Jupiter and Pluto are all moving retrograde. So is the north node, our collective north star, our collective soul focus.

A retrograde is a time to do anything that starts with RE. Re-evaluate, re-discover, re-align, re-enter. 

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is also about to go retrograde. It will go retrograde on the 18th of June but will enter the retrograde shadow on the 1st of June.

You are a Part of the Whole

The new moon in Gemini is trine Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. This aspect wants us to re-evaluate our part in the collective, how we relate to our personal social groups and to the larger collective. It also puts an emphasis on utilising discipline (Saturn) to strengthen our connection to our soul (Gemini) and to use our time on this planet to help the collective (Aquarius).

The new moon is also influenced by Pluto and Jupiter which are moving in for the second exact conjunction this year which will happen by the end of June. The first one was on the 4th of April, when we had global mass meditations and a huge surge in the Schumann resonance.

Venus and Mercury are square Neptune. The lesson here is to not be blinded by illusions. To dig deeper for the truth and not to impose your limited understanding of life on reality. There are many unknown factors. Neptune is the planet that rules illusion and it also rules pandemics. Mercury square Neptune can come out as misinformation and misunderstanding, add Venus to the mix and the misinformation might be difficult to pinpoint.

Endings and New Beginnings

This lunar month we are entering into the next eclipse season. So the eclipse period that started late in 2019 is coming to and end. The next eclipse season starts on the 5th of June with a full moon eclipse in Sagittarius.

A good way to end this eclipse cycle would be to take some time to think over and write about what you have learned since December 2019. This unprecedented time in human history has undoubtedly brought deep lessons that we can access if we take the time to go over it.

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