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A Very Simple Meditation

A lot of people have the idea that Meditation is difficult or time consuming. Or that it’s not worth doing unless you do at least 20 minutes twice a day. Or that you must sit cross-eyed and cross-legged in a lotus posture, ideally with a turban. Not true.

I can promise you that you do not need to do a lot for a lot to change.

You can do it anywhere, wearing whatever you like to wear and as little as 5 minutes a day can have a big effect. Even every other day or just every time you remember to do it. The only way to get good at something is to actually do it. When you start trying to meditate it gradually gets easier. Then with time it slowly becomes a daily practice, and then the magic begins for real.

The only thing you should try your best to do is to keep your spine straight when you meditate. It is very helpful for the flow of the subtle energies. Yes, they are a thing. If you can not keep your spine straight just do what you can do and don’t worry about it. No matter what you might have been told, worrying is never beneficial.

A Simple 5 Minute Meditation

Close your eyes.

Take 3 deep breaths to tune in.

Focus on your third eye, the point between your eyebrows.

Take a deep breath in, count to 4 while you are breathing in.

Breathe out again, empty your lungs, again counting to 4 while you breath out.

Keep a steady pace. Keep the in and out breath equally long.

Whenever thoughts come up gently nod to them and send them away again and keep focusing on the breath and the counting. If they are very persistent you can say to them in your mind “I see you, I will get back to you later” and then bring your focus back to your breath.

Do it for as long as you like. Even just 3 minutes is much better than nothing.

The Benefits

This simple meditation is very powerful. It calms your mind and helps to develop your focus. When done regularly it lowers your stress levels and makes you calmer and less reactive. It also balances your subtle bodies through the breath.

The breath is a very powerful force.

Have you noticed how stress affects your breath? When we are stressed our breath becomes faster and more shallow. When we are calm our breath is deep and slow. By turning to the breath when we feel stressed we can trick the body into thinking we are not stressed anymore. By taking deep slow breaths we gently calm ourselves down.

Have a great day! And remember, don’t worry, be gentle with yourself and everyone else.

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